Edgar Cruz

Guitarist Extraordinaire

Edgar Cruz performs more than 300 times a year and has played throughout America, Europe and South America. He has been a headliner at the prestigious Chet Atkins Guitar Festival every July in Nashville since 1995 and has been a strong icon at major art & music festivals in Oklahoma since the late 70's. Those who have witnessed Cruz’s performance immediately become entranced at the precision, speed and complexity with which his fingers strike the strings of his guitar to create a symphony of sound unusual to just one instrument.  Cruz has the largest repertoire in Oklahoma including but not limited to “Malagueña,” “Classical Gas,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Hotel California,” Classical, 60’s & 70’s, Original and Latin/Spanish favorites and the largest Beatles selection available. His is very active with his audiences or equally happy performing background music. Nineteen CDs covering a multitude of genres and two award winning DVDs are currently available.

Edgar has been named the Oklahoma’s Top Performing Artist and/or Acoustic Guitarist for more than 10 years by the Oklahoma Gazette. He has received numerous civic acknowledgments for his contributions to various charitable events. He also performs a wide variety of bookings including concerts, festivals, weddings, receptions, banquets, schools, churches, conventions, fiestas, memorials or any special occasion. Edgar holds a bachelor’s of music degree in guitar performance from Oklahoma City University and was also honored with a Distinguished Alumni Award from there in 2010.  He was also added to the Hispanic exhibit at The Oklahoma History Center. His You Tube video of “Bohemian Rhapsody” has over 20,000,000 hits worldwide.

DISCOGRAPHY:                                                               STYLE:                                                                  

Yesterday Tripper  (2018)                                               Beatles 1965-1966 Favorites                                          

Cruzin The Beatles (2014)                                              Beatles 1962-1964 Favorites                                          

Oklahoma Guitar (2011)                                                 Original variety of Compositions                                          

Pieces of Edgar (2007)                                                   Original variety of Compositions                                          

Guitarras de Baile (with Ruben Romero) (2006)             Salsa, Rumbas & Percussion   

Sweet Georgia Blue  (with David B. Hooten) (2005)       Jazz Standards with Trumpet    

Guitarras de Fuego (with Ruben Romero) (2004)           Flamenco, Spanish & Originals   

Guitarras de Amor (with Ruben Romero) (2003)            Latin Love Songs   

The Cruz Trio in Concert (2003)                                     Mariachi and variety instrumentals 

The Essence of Mexico (with The Cruz Trio) (2003)       Traditional Mariachi 

Opening Night 2 (2002)                                                 Live variety of all styles Vol.2 

Timeless (with David B. Hooten) (2000)                         Inspirational Standards 

Spanish Blood (2000)                                                     Worldwide Spanish Standards 

Reminiscence (1998)                                                      The Best of Edgar Cruz 

The A.R.T. of Edgar Cruz (1996)                                      Classic Rock Collection

Opening Night (1995)                                                    The Best of Edgar Live 

Those Were the Days (1992)                                          Nostalgic Jazz Standards 

Classical Demands (1990)                                              Classical Guitar’s Greatest Hits 

Throw Another Tape on the Fire (1989)                         The Best of Christmas 



Arranging for Solo Guitar: The Queen Titles                 Instructional video for all levels 

Spanish Blood – The Guitar Music of Edgar Cruz          PBS/OETA Oklahoma Documentary 

Edgar Cruz Inc.,  
PO Box 720565, 
Oklahoma City, OK 73172 

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