Muriel Anderson

One of the hardest working musicians I know.  This classically trained guitarist also plays the Harp Guitar. 

Scotty Anderson

TOP TEN.  Triple Stops! His version of “The Perry Mason Theme” is one of my all time favorite performances.  We went to Issoudun, France in 1995. 

Chet Atkins

If Segovia was the grandfather of Classical then Chet is the Grandfather of Fingerpicking. 

Stephen Bennett

Acoustic and Harp Guitar Wizard and arranger for solo guitar.  Multiple recordings. 

Thom Bresh

One of the funniest quality players in the world and the son of Merle Travis. “See you at the Chet Atkins Fesival in July Thom.” 

Junior Brown

TOP TEN.  His GuitSteel guitar changed the way I look at fingerlicken’.  Ton of Licks. 

Bob Brozman

I met Bob at the A.D.G.P.A. Festival in Italy in 2002 and was extremely impressed with his wit as well as his Lap Steel and fingerstyle percussive playing. 

California Guitar Trio

Heavy inspiration to me through their quality approach to transcribing and arranging.

Were both classical and classic rock fans. 

Clive Carrol

I first heard him at Tommyfest in London Spring of 2008 and was blown away with his immaculate technique. 

Jocelyn Celaya

This student of mine has worked hard to create her own style of Radical Classical. She used to join Ruben and myself during our Flamenco shows. 

Michael Chapdelaine

Michael is the ONLY guitarist to win BOTH the Guitar Foundation of America GFA International Award AND Walnut Valley Festival’s Fingerstyle Composition in Winfield, KS. 

Larry Coryell

His transcriptions are as daring as any I’ve heard or would attempt. 

Mark Anothony Cruz

I've said before and I'll say it again... Mark has tremendously better technique but I simply know more songs than him.  ADD... He is an award winning composer as well. 

John Doan

Taking multineck guitar to a new and inspiring level. A legend among Harp Guitarists. 

Guy Van Duser

Arranger of 'Stars and Stripes Forever' on solo guitar (recorded by Chet Atkins). He was an early eye opener for me.  See you at CAAS! 

Doyle Dykes

Simply one of the nicest guys Ive ever met and one of the greatest pickers on nylon and steel.  His concerts are full of spirit. Gospel guitar at its finest. 

Nokie Edwards

Legendary guitarist of The Ventures.  His recordings cover some of the best songs ever written for surf and rock guitar. 

Tommy Emmanuel

TOP TEN.  Undisputed best acoustic guitarist I have ever heard and an awfully nice guy! We’ve played together in five different countries! 

Jose Feliciano

TOP TEN This blind guitarist sings with so much soul and inspired me as a teenager with his “Malaguena” and “Pegao.”  I opened for him here in Oklahoma City in 2002. 

Michael Gulezian

We met in 1994 at a NACA convention.  His unique approach to Acoustic and 12 string amazes me to this day.  Compositions and Tunings are unreal. 

Todd Hallowell

One of the most precise players Ive heard and just an all out fun guy to hang around. 

Michael Hedges

Who can contest Hedges changing the curve of modern acoustic performance, composition and approach. 

Steve Howe

One of the very first songs I ever learned was “Mood for a Day” off the Yes album “Fragile”. 

Pete Huttlinger

John Denver’s guitarist, Winfield’s 2000 Walnut Valley Festival Fingerstyle winner, Arranger extraordinaire. 

Stephanie Jackson

Who do you call in Oklahoma City if Edgar is booked?  A repetroire like Steph’s is as close as you can get including “Bohemian Rhapsody”. 

Scott Johnson

My good friend Scott’s first CD “Once the Rolling Green” is a beautiful collection of original celtic pieces.  He is head guitar instructor at UCO and OBU in OK. 

Buster B. Jones

TOP TEN.  I’ll never forget heari ng and seeing Buster win at Winfield.  There is not many nylon players that dig into a guitar with such intensity as him. 

Steven King

Arranger extraordinaire for solo guitar.  He won Winfield in 1994 and I continuously refer him when people want to hear what a solo guitar is capable of doing. 

Pat Kirtley

One of the smartest individuals I know and a staple for Acoustic / Kentucky / Celtic composition and execution. 

Earl Klugh

Solo Classical Guitar at its finest and just full of taste, soul and spirit. 

LA Guitar Quartet

Untouchable quartet who stands the test of time. Always open to a grand challenge. 

Nato Lima

Nato Lima and Antenor Lima showed me what a guitar duet was capable of in the mid 70s.  Orchestral, traditional and piano pieces transcribed and performed flawlessly. 

Jerome Malaval

A very tasteful guitarist  met in Francewith unforgettable technique. 

Antsy McClain

TOP TEN. Hands down, one of the greatest singer, songwriter and individuals I’ve ever met. A huge inspiration to my musical abilities.  He is extremely clever and completely tasteful. 

Andy McKee

Last count of hits on YouTube...17 Million.  See and hear why. 

Tony McManus

Tony never ceases to enlighten my day with a joke or a great guitar piece. One of the best bar none. 

Tony Melendez

You think you can't play because your having trouble with your fingers?...Click Here. 

Monte Montogomery

Rockin Acoustic Energy! 

Jorge Morel

Early influence on me with his popular arrangements unheard on solo guitar in the 60’s. 


I was surfing the web and came across him and his over 200 videos of some of the best solo guitar pop arrangements Ive ever heard.   

Douglas Niedt

His “Virtuoso Visions” and “Pure Magic” are a must for any solo guitarist. An early inspiration. 

Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin was one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME for the longest time. 

Ruben Romero

Ruben was like the brother I never had.  When we finally started playing together we realized we knew all the same songs and played them with the same stylistic feel. 

Bob Saxton

This legend has played with everyone including Patsy Cline, Sonny James, Gene Vincent, Bobby Gentry, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra and more. 

Brian Setzer

One of the Coolest Guitar Players on the Rockin Planet.  His “Prologue / Jet Song” from West Side Story is one of my all time favorite recordings! Big Band Sing at its finest. 

Richard Smith

Classical, gypsy Jazz, bebop, piano rags, bluegrass, country tele chicken pickin', blues, Sousa marches and everthing inbetween.  I call him “King Richard”. 

Jim Stafford

The perfect blend of Fingerstyle and Comedy.  His show in Branson is Top of the Line. 

Kazuhito Yamashita

TOP TEN.  His transcription of Mussorsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” CHANGED my direction of what a solo guitar is capable of.  Relatively unheard of here in the USA. 

Mason Williams

“Classical Gas” was the 1968 Instrumental of the year and is probably the most played ever on Radio.  We all must have this one in our repetroire!  Excellent song writer as well.

I personally love what one guitar is capable of when it comes to arranging a song for solo guitar.

Feel free to email me your favorite SOLO GUITARIST for consideration. 



Rock Inspirations...


Dream On, Rocks, Endurence! 

Alan Parsons

Magnificent cross of Rock and Classical 

Alice Cooper

Pioneer of Shock Rock. One of the smartest guys I’ve ever read about. 

Black Sabbath

Crank up the ‘Fuzz Box’ and play them power chords Tommi.  OZZY’s original band. 

Cheap Trick

Ive always got a kick out of these Dream Police!  “I Want You to Want Me” 

The Doors

Many rock hits from the late 60's.  Ive recorded two versions of 'Light my Fire’. 

Electric Light Orchestra

The Band that truly brideged me from Rock to Classical.  Kudos to Jeff Lynne! 

Emerson Lake and Palmer

Progressive Rock at its finest.  Greg Lake wrote and sang classics like “From the Beginning”, “Cest La Vie” & “Lucky Man.” The album “Trilogy’ is an all time favorite. 

Grand Funk

0A‘Closer to Home’ was MY FIRST ALBUM. 

Jethro Tull

‘Cross Eyed Mary’ is one of my favorite songs.  Also Brick, Bouree and Aqualung 


What do you get when you mix ROCK n ROLL with a Circus! 


Progressive Rock at its Finest 

Led Zepplin

Zep was my favorite band throughout the 70’s. Mark and I recorded ‘Stairway’ 

Moody Blues

Earlier mix of Rock and Classical 

Paul McCartney

I Love The Beatles, Bass Guitar, Ram, ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Maybe Im Amazed’ 

Pink Floyd

TOP TEN Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall! 


TOP TEN The best of classical, opera, rock and SHOWMANSHIP! 


TOP TEN Anytime JUST Three guys can sound this good impresses me! 

Spinal Tap

We all need to laugh at ourselfs AND at Spinal TAP.  Eleven! 

Steely Dan

Musicians and Audiophile’s Dream. 

The Beatles

I appreciated every phase they went through.  Songs everlasting 

The Who


Three Dog Night

Every song is a sing along! In Oklahoma, not Arizona, What does it matter? 

Van Halen (early)

The Best Driving Force to hit ’78 


TOP TEN Progressive Rock at its Finest 


Other Musical Inspirations...

Brave Combo

These guys have been MY FAVORITE Band being a world music act, a hot jazz quintet, a rollicking rock'n'roll bar band, a Tex-Mex conjunto, a sizzling blues band, a saucy cocktail combo, a deadly serious novelty act, a Latin orchestra and more. 

Manuel Cruz (father)

Here is the only public video I am offering of Dad. 

Neil Diamond

One of the top songwriters of all time.  I saw his The Jazz Singer Tour. 

Gypsy Kings

Nuevo Flamenco, Spanish Guitars & Cantina Voices of Spain. 


I am to Guitar what Liberace was to Piano - Classical to Pop.  I love piano music. 

Los Trio Panchos

I grew up listening to my dad’s trio sing these latin love songs of Mexico 

Barry Manilow

Once one of my favorite musical artist of all time. Copacabana! 

Bette Midler

Showmanship at its finest and hilariuos as well. 

Jim & Morning Nichols

We met at the Chet Atkins Festival in 1995 and I immediately admired thier musicianship. Beautiful Jazz guitar and vocals. 

PDQ Bach

This is what you get when you mix Classical Music with Comedy. Brilliant! 

Shannon Calderon Primeau

Shannon has danced for me in many shows.  Her Techniques and appearence always raises the bar for me. 

Riders in the Sky

The best covers of Western classics.  Tight harmonies and flavorful arrangements. 

The Shuffle Demons

I always got a kick out of 3 saxes, Bass and Snare! 


The name alone speaks for itself. ‘You Are Everything” “You Make Me Feel Brand New” 

Willie Nelson

One of the best songwriters in the world. One of my favorite concerts. 

Stevie Wonder

TOP TEN Influences in my career.  Soul, expression, groove and more. ‘Innervisions’ is one of my favorite CDs of all time! 



Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, Oliver 

My wife Danielle and daughter Sadie have been getting interested in...Wicked, Mamma Mia, Cats, Grease, Hair Spray, Most Disney soundtracks



Andrew Lloyd Webber 



D. Elfman 


George Gershwin 












Heironymus Bosch 

Pietor Brugal 

Manuel Cruz Jr. III 

Salvidor Dalií 

Fransisco Goya 

Rich Griendling 

Norman Rockwell 

Mary Kash WeltzHeimer 

Frank Lloyd Wright 


Special Thanks to CD Cover Artists... Marie Kash Weltzheimer (Opening Night 1 & 2), Paul Kruger (The ART of Edgar Cruz), Rich Griendling (Guitarras de Amor) and my brother Manuel Cruz Jr, III ( (Spanish Blood)